Dacey and Partners Accounting

Income Tax Checklist

Getting everything in order to complete your tax return can be overwhelming - especially if you have a broad range of assets to consider when submitting your return.

We invite you to make use of the Income Tax Checklist below, which we have compiled to help make your life less complicated at tax time.

Your Income

• Payment summaries

• Termination payments (if applicable)

• Lump-sum payment summaries

• Bank statements listing any interest earned

• Dividends received or reinvested in shares

• Any other subsequent icome - e.g., capital gains tax, rental properties, business, etc

• Your bank details - BSB, account number, and account name - so the ATO can process your return (if applicable)

Work-Related Deductions

• Motor vehicle and related expenses

• Travel

• Uniforms

• Self education / development

• Home office (if applicable)

• Internet, phone, electronic devices, computers, etc

• Union memberships

• Seminar / conference entry fees


• Statement of health insurance rebate entitlements

• IAS statements

• Details of PAYG installments made

Other Taxible Deductions

• Gifts or donations to registered charities

• Income protection insurance

• Details of your spouse's taxable and exempt income streams